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Graphics Portfolio, CV and References (PDF)


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Video Portfolio

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PossibleMissionForce.com – Multimedia CV / Résumé


Reflections of Einstein
Trailer for a feature-length documentary.
27 hours of footage edited down to 56 minutes.


Poetry Man
Trailer for a short bio documentary, shot by me in 2 1/2 hours with 4 cameras.


Trailer for short film, edited by me, now being developed into a feature.


GPS – Goal Positioning System
Graphics promo for an online course series.


Promo for Mazastrom.com website


Materialize Your Ideal Partner Promo – Online Course Series


The Happenings at Sogmush River – Theatre Play
Three-camera shoot, all camera, audio and editing done by me,
including the featured “Flappers Gone Wild” video.
Composer: Burak Karakaş.
I shot and cut rehearsal videos and daily promos during the performances.


UpsideDown Underground
Intro to a photo and video series promoting Yoga Inspiration, a UK Yoga Studio.


All But Silent – Early Days of Filmmaking
Promos and trailers for my thesis documentary on how filmmaking actually started on the US East coast – years before Hollywood.

The full trailer had all shooting, green-screening, compositing, titling, graphics and timing/scoring done by me alone.





“Big-Ass Rat” series
Shot, edited and uploaded daily during the 2011 LIU Faculty Strike


Editing challenge: Create a genre-changing trailer.
All editing, titling, music, sound effects by me.


Event promo for Boost Your Success in 2011 seminar.


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